As you transition from a tween to a teenager, you might feel ready to start working on your independence. One way to achieve this is by earning your own money. At 13, while your opportunities might be limited, there are plenty of fun and creative ways to earn more than just a few bucks. Whether it’s through household chores, creating handmade items, or leveraging online opportunities, there are numerous options available for young teens to explore and make money.

Key Takeaways

  • Household chores like mowing the lawn, window cleaning, and organizing can be a fun way to earn extra allowance.
  • Creating and selling handmade items such as jewelry, custom T-shirts, and art can be both profitable and enjoyable.
  • Offering pet care services like dog walking, pet sitting, and grooming can be a great way to earn money while spending time with animals.
  • Tutoring and academic help, including homework assistance and teaching musical instruments, can be rewarding and financially beneficial.
  • Online opportunities like taking surveys, watching videos, and testing websites can provide a convenient way for teens to earn money from home.

Household Chores for Extra Allowance

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One of the most straightforward ways for 13-year-olds to earn money is by doing household chores. Not only does this help them contribute to the family, but it also teaches them valuable life skills and the importance of hard work.

Creating and Selling Handmade Items

Crafting Jewelry

Crafting jewelry is a fantastic way for young teens to make money. From beaded bracelets to intricate necklaces, the possibilities are endless. Teens can sell their creations at local craft fairs, online marketplaces like Etsy, or even to friends and family. It’s important to consider the cost of materials and the time spent on each piece to ensure a profit.

Making Custom T-Shirts

Custom T-shirts are always in demand. Teens can design their own graphics or use popular themes to create unique shirts. These can be sold online or at local events. The key is to find a niche market and cater to it. For example, creating shirts with school logos or popular sayings can attract a lot of buyers.

Selling Art and Crafts

For those with a talent for drawing, painting, or other crafts, selling art can be a lucrative option. Teens can create and sell their artwork at local art shows, online, or even through social media. It’s a great way to showcase their talent and make some extra money.

Crafting and selling handmade items not only helps teens earn money but also allows them to express their creativity and develop entrepreneurial skills.

  • Crafting Jewelry: Beaded bracelets, necklaces, earrings
  • Custom T-Shirts: Unique designs, niche markets
  • Art and Crafts: Drawings, paintings, handmade items

Pet Care Services

Dog Walking

Dog walking is a fantastic way for 13-year-olds to earn money, especially if they have a passion for animals. It’s not just an excellent opportunity for teens who love animals, but it’s also the easiest way to make money as a 13-year-old. You can start by offering your services to neighbors and family friends.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is another great option. You can use pet-sitting apps to get started, such as Host a Pet, Rover, and Wagor. If you are not accepted on these apps, then you can start a business of your own offering pet sitting services to people in your community.

Grooming and Bathing Pets

Offering grooming and bathing services can also be a lucrative option. Many pet owners are willing to pay for someone to help keep their pets clean and well-groomed. This could include tasks like brushing fur, trimming nails, and giving baths.

Being around animals will also allow you to learn more about them and find out if it might be a hobby or career for you in the future.

Tutoring and Academic Help

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Tutoring and academic help can be a rewarding way for 13-year-olds to earn money while reinforcing their own knowledge. Helping others learn not only benefits the student but also enhances the tutor’s understanding of the subject.

Helping with Homework

If you excel in subjects like math, science, or English, you can assist younger students with their homework. This can be done in person or through online platforms, making it convenient for busy families. You can advertise your services by posting a flyer in your school or finding opportunities through family and friends.

Teaching a Musical Instrument

If you play a musical instrument, consider offering lessons to beginners. This can be a fun way to share your passion for music while earning some extra cash. You can start by teaching neighbors or family friends and gradually expand your client base.

Language Tutoring

For those who are bilingual or excel in a particular language, language tutoring can be a great option. You can help students improve their language skills, which will benefit them across various subjects in school. This can be done in person or online, providing flexibility for both you and your students.

Tutoring not only helps others succeed but also reinforces your own knowledge and skills, making it a mutually beneficial activity.

Online Opportunities for Young Teens

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In today’s digital age, there are numerous ways for young teens to earn money online. These opportunities not only provide a source of income but also help in developing financial literacy and other valuable skills.

Tech Assistance for Neighbors and Family

In today’s digital age, many adults find themselves struggling with technology that comes naturally to younger generations. Offering tech assistance can be a valuable service for neighbors and family members who need help with their devices and software.

Setting Up Devices

Helping someone set up a new device can be a great way to earn some extra money. This could include setting up smartphones, tablets, or computers. Often, older adults need assistance with initial configurations, connecting to Wi-Fi, and installing essential apps.

Helping with Software Issues

Software issues can be frustrating, especially for those who are not tech-savvy. You can offer to troubleshoot common problems, such as software updates, virus scans, and installing or uninstalling programs. This service can be particularly useful for older individuals who may not be familiar with the latest technology.

Teaching Basic Computer Skills

Many people, especially older adults, may not be familiar with basic computer skills. You can teach them how to use email, browse the internet, and utilize social media platforms. This not only helps them stay connected but also empowers them to explore the digital world confidently.

Whether they’re exploring the neighborhood or just exploring online, offering tech assistance can help bridge the gap between generations and make technology more accessible for everyone.

Seasonal Jobs and Odd Tasks

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Shoveling Snow

During the winter months, shoveling snow can be a lucrative way for 13-year-olds to earn money. Many neighbors and family members may need help clearing their driveways and walkways. This job not only helps you earn but also keeps you active during the cold season.

Raking Leaves

In the fall, raking leaves is another great opportunity. You can offer your services to neighbors who might not have the time or ability to rake their own yards. This is a simple task that can be done after school or on weekends.

Holiday Decoration Assistance

The holiday season is a busy time for many families. Offering to help with holiday decoration setup and takedown can be a valuable service. From hanging lights to setting up Christmas trees, there are plenty of ways to assist and earn some extra cash.

Taking on these seasonal jobs not only helps you earn money but also teaches you the value of hard work and responsibility.

Seasonal jobs and odd tasks can be a great way to boost your income and gain new skills. Whether you’re looking to fill your summer with productive work or seeking unique opportunities during the holiday season, there’s something out there for everyone. For more tips on how to maximize your earnings and achieve financial freedom, visit our website.


In conclusion, there are numerous creative and practical ways for 13-year-olds to earn money. From traditional tasks like mowing lawns and washing cars to modern opportunities such as taking online surveys and selling handmade items, young teens have a variety of options to explore. Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and financial independence at a young age can be both rewarding and educational. By leveraging their skills and interests, 13-year-olds can not only make some extra cash but also gain valuable experience that will benefit them in the future. So, whether it’s through online platforms or local community jobs, the key is to stay proactive, creative, and dedicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some household chores 13-year-olds can do for extra allowance?

13-year-olds can mow the lawn, help with gardening, clean windows, and assist in organizing and decluttering the house.

How can a 13-year-old make money by creating and selling handmade items?

They can craft jewelry, make custom t-shirts, or sell their art and crafts at local markets or online platforms.

What are some pet care services that 13-year-olds can offer?

They can offer dog walking, pet sitting, and even grooming and bathing pets for neighbors and family friends.

Are there online opportunities for 13-year-olds to earn money?

Yes, 13-year-olds can take online surveys, watch videos and ads, and test websites and apps to earn money.

Can 13-year-olds provide tech assistance to neighbors and family?

Absolutely! They can help set up devices, assist with software issues, and teach basic computer skills.

What are some seasonal jobs that 13-year-olds can do to earn money?

They can shovel snow, rake leaves, and assist with holiday decorations during different seasons.