Everything you need to earn extra dough with these four side hustles

When Okome was starting her podcast, she spent an hour a day learning and strategizing. She dedicated Mondays to discovering more about recording. Other days she focused on editing and social media marketing.

Don’t let your goals overwhelm you. Okome recommends 12-week stints with smaller steps. “Like losing weight, saying you want to lose 30 pounds is so vague,” she said. Try focusing on one goal for 12 weeks: drinking more water, preparing your own breakfast every day or walking an extra five blocks.

For her podcast, Okome chose small, precise goals – opening a bank account, learning new skills – and had a fully formed business entity at the end of a year.

People don’t always realize that few people start out being a pro. You have to start somewhere. “Done is better than perfect,” Okome said. “A lot of times people compare themselves to others who might be three or five years down the road. You have to put one foot in front of the other and get started.”

In fact, says Chris Haroun, who teaches online, learn to embrace failure. “You can’t just try one or two side hustles and expect to be successful right out of the gate,” Haroun said.

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